Twice as nice

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed I wear a lot of denim.....perhaps a denim addict you might say. Denim is so versatile and can be styled in so, so many ways. I especially love the double denim look and layering it.
Double denim isn't a look to be shyed away from anymore. No more visions of Shakin' Stevens strutting his stonewashed denim on Top of the Pops (now I'm showing my age!). Head to toe denim is on trend and isn't going anywhere soon.
I love to layer my denim for a more modern look and when its freezing cold outside a little denim jacket just doesn't cut the mustard. Peeping through a tailored coat you can get the layered look you're after. Try using a different textured and patterned coat to contrast the two fabrics. I also like to use a different colour or tone of denim on the top than from the bottom. My embroidered blue jeans here are more brighter than my denim jacket so it doesn't look like I'm wearing all one colour.
Last but not least this look needed an accessory to lift it and what better than a bag the hottest colour of the season, a splash of a fuschia pink!

How do you style your denim? I would love to hear from you!

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Blue shirt - Gap similar here
Denim jacket - Guess similar here
Coat - Zara similar here
Jeans - Primark similar here
Boots - Marks and Spencer similar here
Bag - Charity shop similar here



Summer tops and polo necks

As you know I cant get enough of layering at the moment. I guess its part and parcel in the winter time but it's so much fun to experiment putting different colours, patterns and textures together. What I really love at the moment is getting away with wearing pretty summer tops and dresses over warmer clothes such as polo necks and crew necks. Most of us are dying to get back into our summer dresses so why not dig them back out from under the bed and team them with a polo neck and woolly tights!
For extra layering on very cold days wear thermals and you don't have to feel like your grandma wearing them either. I love the Uniqlo heattech turtleneck as seen in Vogue. They are so soft and so, so warm!

 How do you layer in the Winter time? I would love to hear from you!

Polo Neck - H&M similar here
Blouse - New Look similar here
Thermal Heattech top - Iniqlo similar here
Jeans - Topshop similar here
Coat - Karen Millen similar here
Boots - Marks & Spencer similar here
Hat and Gloves - Marks & Spencer similar here and here



Fishnets and Velvet

 I love experimenting with layers in the winter time. When it is as cold as it is at the moment we tend to get all rugged up in our warmest clothes and have a really casual style. This can look cool too but sometimes you feel like adding a little Luxe into the equation but with the bonus of staying warm as well. Evening accessories don't have to just be for a night out, mix them with your day wear. I love rich textures like velvet and by adding this little vintage evening bag changes the look. Also instead of wearing your woolly tights (all be it not so warm) go for a pair of fishnets! They can really glam up a casual style and are great under ripped jeans. I just love them worn with trainers and the contrast of two styles together.
Do you mix your evening accessories with your casual look?
Let me know what you think?

Jeans - Topshop similar here
Jacket - Burton similar here
Jumper - Marks and Spencer similar here
Tights - Marks and Spencer similar here
Bag - Vintage similar here
Trainers -  Adidas buy here



Embroidered Jeans

I thought I was late jumping on the embroidery bandwagon, but there is no escaping it at the moment and it isn't fading out anytime soon. It's on nearly every item of clothing right now so I thought I would give it a go. I love embroidery on summer dresses and have a playsuit, but wasnt sure what I thought of it on other items of clothing at first. Now I am sold!
These are by far the best embroidered jeans i have seen. I have searched high and low and some are just way too busy for me. These jumped out for their simplicity, just giving that splash of colour and feminine design.

Where are they from you ask! 

None other than Primark!

I dont know why but I had never thought of buying jeans at Primark, I have always been a loyal fan of the Jamie jeans at Topshop which you see me in all the time.
These are a mid rise skinny jean which fit so nicely. You would think the material itself would be quite thin but it is a good thickness and really comfy. I love the subtle stonewash effect too.
They look great dressed down with a cosy winter knit, this one I actually got with the jeans, I  love olive green at the moment and the colour sits really nicely next to the blue. I havent taken the jeans off since I bought them and I think you may see a lot of them in the future on instagram.

Let me know what you think? Have you got any embroidered clothes in your wardrobe?

Jeans - Primark
Jumper - Primark similar here
Sheerling Jacket - New Look (Bought in Charity Shop) similar here
Boots - Marks and Spencer similar here
Bag - Mulberry similar here



Marks and Spencer on Repeat

I dont get to Bath as much since moving to Bristol so I miss these streets! Bath is what set me off fashion blogging in the first place and inspired me so it will always be a very special place to me. We were off for a belated Christmas catch up with friends and like most days at the moment it was rather chilly. I love the textures you can experiment with in the winter and especially have a love for fur coats to cosy up in. If you follow me on instagram you will have noticed I am a great lover of Marks and Spencer. I always wear atleast one item of their clothing. Well today Im actually in two! I got the fur coat a couple of years ago but it is a staple in my wardrobe and my favourite pointy chelsea boots which look so much like the Acne boots I'm lusting after at the moment! Let me know what you think?

Coat - Marks and Spencer similar here
Shirt - Bershka similar here
Jumper - H&M similar here
Jeans - Topshop similar here
Boots - Marks and Spencer similar here Acne studio boots here
Bag - Topshop similar here



The Dress!

Hi Everyone! Just So Fashion is back!
I am now officially Chrissy Ellis instead of Chrissy Sim! Gez and I finally tied the knot on the 14th July 2016 and had the most amazing day!
So with a new name and new website it is time for a re launch and what better way to kick off than with a post of 'The Dress!'
When they say you will know when you find that dream wedding dress, it is so true!
I knew the style I was after but it was just finding it that was the tricky part and also keeping it in the budget. I only visited two dress shops and the one I found my dream dress was Krystle Brides in Bath ( for your info they were amazing!)
I wanted to try a few different styles at first mainly because it is so much fun and just because you can. You are getting married remember! Trying on different styles also gives you an idea on what suits you and what doesn't. Some styles you thought you would like could be totally wrong when tried on.
Not being the most curviest girl in the world I wanted to create curves with my dress style. Certain dresses just drowned me in material and straight up and down styles made me look like I was wearing a nighty. The fishtail was the one and as soon as i tried one on it made me feel amazing! If you feel amazing it will show. There is nothing worse than shifting and hoisting your dress all day and not feeling confident.
It was a San Patrick dress and we fell in love!
A vintage feel was also very important to me so lace was a must and little capped sleeves. The dress was actually two sizes too big for me but I knew with a good seamstress (and she was!) it could be made to measure.
Top tip - Don't shy away from larger sizes.
With a Sweatheart neckline it gave the illusion of bigger boobs (oh and the extra padding sewn in...)
Once tailored it fit me like a glove, I loved the figure hugging feeling and oh that back! It made me feel red carpet ready!
You just have to choose a dress that suits you, don't just get a dress for the label.
If your dress is lacy like mine keep the veil simple, it could look too busy and the back of my dress had so much detail I didn't want the emphasis taken away. The dress said it all.
Last but not least the shoes! For my bit of bling (I do like a bit of bling) I chose these little Dune numbers. Not going to be seen but just like a good set of underwear they made me feel good on the inside. Remember to get a sensible heel height!
I hope this helps future brides to be out there, please get in contact if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you and talk dresses!